Furniture Hire & Styling Packages

Staging your home

Bowmaker Realty have a range of Furniture Hire Packages available to help make your house a Home!

We know how expensive it can be to hire furniture to showcase your home to its fullest potential and the cost becomes so prohibitive that we’ve only seen it implemented on a few occasions – and that’s a real shame!

Our stylist will display the furniture to the greatest effect, resulting in a modern and spacious feel and distracting from minor wear and tear.

Why our Furniture Packages?

Hiring a furniture package doesn’t only make your home look amazing but it can:

  • Sell your home faster
  • Achieve a higher sale price
  • Is significantly cheaper than professional staging companies
  • Less stress!

Our Furniture Hire & Styling Packages

The Packages are offered at a fraction of normal commercial furniture hire rates, at a mere $1,100.00 (GST inc.) for a six week period.

The six week hire period allows a week either side of the Sales Strategy and discounted rates are also offered per monthly period thereafter should there be a need to extend.

Ask one of our Property Agents about availability prior to the launch of your Marketing Campaign.